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Since November 1, 1992, Promo Plastik has distinguished itself as a printer on object / supplier of promotional objects. Our cooperative provides standard and customized promotional items and decorated products.

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card holder #10450

Introduced in 1998, it has been sold to more than 5 million copies. Nearly 2,000,000 were for Desjardins.

Since then, it has shared its fame with

A Great way to support a cause

As part of the National Day of Truth and Reconciliation with First Nations People, we were approached to print #AllChildMatter on several different items. In collaboration with Promotions Tornade, a child’s hand was photographed to make this unique key-ring.

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Usually useful products, a great range of items are in our catalog. We also offer custom products and subcontractor service. We print on (almost) everything.

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