We don’t have them. We believe it’s better and easier for all to make a global price clients can count on.

We need to have .EPS or .AI file. We also accept PDF if they are vectorized.

Read our article about vector and raster graphics here.

Absolutely! We keep the images : it eases order repetition, as well as new order with the same illustration.

We offer freely Pantone match for white plastic items printed by pad printing or silkscreen printing.

It ain’t possible on 4 colour process : we converted Pantone in 4 color process, as much as close as possible.

Read our article about conversion of colors here.

Yes, we can ship your order to multiple final destinations. You must give us the exact quantity and complete adress for each destination.

Absolutely, you can use your account or your client’s. Specify ZIP code associate to the account (fees can apply).

We accept direct deposit, credit cards (VISA or Master Card only) and checks.

In specific cases, we can ask for a deposit. For new clients, a payment is required the day of the order expedition, by direct deposit or by credit card.

We charge on your credit card the expedition day, right after we sent you by email a copy of the final invoice.

Yes, we always send an email proof before order production, even if its an order repetition.

We have associated fees for quantities smaller than the minimun of the table price. And, it ain’t possible to order a quantity smaller than the half of that first column.

You can always ask for a submsission for bigger quantities than the one in last column. You only have to send us every information about the product and the print desired to contact@promoplastik.com