What do we mean by locally?

We know everybody implicated in the process of your orders by their first name. From conception of a custom product (our mould maker Pascal), to molding process (Stephanie, André, Vincent, Simon & Jean-Marie). Internally, our preproduction team (graphic artist André, Mario & Monique), operators (Manon, Nancy², Gaétane, Sonia, Patricia, Karen, Irène) & expedition & production managers (Sandra & Michelle). Our dear local carriers Nathalie, Blaise, Samuel, Michel & Clermont. At customer service, Claire is well known as the Master of Care for our dear customers and colleagues. Marie-Hélène & Gringo serves as webmaster & mascots.

It mostly means that we just keep on getting better and better everyday, as retroaction of good and less good shots are redirected to the right persons, every time. We are proud collaborators with each department to assure quality in our products & services from A to Z