Work cooperative

Our mission

Spread your branding & high quality imprint on Canadian made promotional products.

Unique & personalized customer service

We work with promotional products distributors all around North America.

  • Successful collective enterprise
  • A team of craftsmen who take care of the beauty of all the projects to which they contribute

Since November 1, 1992

More than 30 years of tradition & experience

1992, the beginning of our cooperative adventure! We were faced with an ultimatum. Our bosses were closing ourdivision.

No way to let go our expertise. The division’s employees became part of our founding members. And then, we were a worker cooperative!

Over time, we found solutions to our challenges, while we were receiving distinctions. We continued to show our resilience, and still do!

We now offer multiple imprint methods and assembly techniques, using artisanal methods in the process.

More than 30years later, we’re a small team. Our partners make our team bigger.They allow us to construct with agility on several projects.

Our jobs

  • Print artist helper
  • Sales representative
  • Print artist
  • Infographic design
  • Master artist
  • Media coordinator
  • Shipping coordinator
  • Reception manager
  • Accouting
  • Co-chief officer
  • Purchasing officer
  • Assistant sales representative