Our Strategy for 12 Key Attributes

Here's a quick overview of how we are leveraging the key attributes of a report.

Reflexive sustainability

We receive a lot of communications, some of which may stand out. In our cooperative, this month, it is the case of Canadian Plastics editorial...

Are promotional products still useful?

Everyone has received promotional products. Does their abundance still allow them to have an impact?

A long-lasting collaboration : effigies for Carnaval de Québec

The effigy is the mandatory pass to access carnival’s activities. By purchasing it, you receive a booklet of discount for some activities in Quebec Ci

What can we do with our laser?

We are printers. For objects we print digitally, we have different templates for each product. The imposition is done according to the product’s place

Raster against vector artwork

Images can be of different types. The two main types are raster and vector. They encode information in different ways.

Converting PMS to CMYK

People like colors! They choose one or many for their branding to spread it everywhere.

A worker cooperative since 30 years

A worker cooperative since 30 years